And Then One Morning…

extra extraI woke up with the single worst hangover I have ever had! And let me tell you I’ve had some doozies! I was out with my wife, my sister Karen and her boyfriend Tom to celebrate Karen’s birthday. I swear we hit every single pub on the strip and closed down a couple of them on a very busy Saturday night. Leaning over my wife to get a better look at the clock I noticed it was only a little after seven in the morning. My wife stirred sleepily “Not now honey, I’m to tired” she groaned. “No worries babe, me too” smirking at her assumption. ” I just gotta pee.” She mumbled something about sharing a little to much. I climbed out of bed wiping the sleep from my eyes and wobbled over to the bathroom for a much needed tinkle. Continue reading

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My pick for 2014’s Most Highly Anticipated Sci Fi Movies

Movie reelEver since I was a little kid, like many of you, I have had a love affair with the movies. The bigger the blockbuster the more I begged and pleaded with my parents to allow me go go. My buddy’s and I would inevitably schmooze our way into getting what we wanted, to immerse ourselves for a couple of hours into these cinematic world with the fantasy of the week! As I mentioned I am in love with blockbuster films, specifically Sci-Fi and Fantasy. The bigger the better, we were action junkies! I personally couldn’t care less what a professional critic has to say about a movie. I prefer to make my own conclusions and not be spoon fed my thoughts like some sort of sheep in a old time sci fi flick!

As they say “opinions are like assholes… everyone’s got one!”

So lets move on to my picks for flicks for the 2014 lineup that has me flaming at the mouth to shell out my $12!

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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

Romeo & JulietI love thee to the depth and breadth and height

 My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight

For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.

William Shakespeare.

Not much chance in topping that, I won’t even bother to try. So how about we count the ways? No really! Actually count them, the things that I actually do love! How about fifty of them? Now you may say  to yourself ” How can someone love 50 things?” It’s pretty easy actually, I fall in love every day! When I hear a piece of music that touches my heart, I fall in love with it. We all say it, probably a hundred times a day. Things like, “Oh, man I LOVE this piece of chocolate cake! It is to die for!” Now tell me you can’t come up with a list of at least 50 things!

So without further adieu, broken down into 10 categories are the things, I love…

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The Gift

Xmas Tree  I was 12 years old on December 24th 1978. My mom and I had just finished putting up our tree, which was a little late this year as my dad was overseas for his job. He worked for the Government doing some hush-hush secretive thing which he never spoke about, nor did I ask for that matter. I figured if it was something he wanted me to know, then he would have told me. We would never really know when he would come home but before leaving he would always say to me “Calvin, you are the man of the house when I’m gone. It’s up to you to make sure you take care of your mom and do as she asks.” to which I would dutifully reply “Yes sir! I’m your guy, you can count on me.” and he could too. I was like that as a child, responsible and wise beyond my years (or so I thought). He would then ruffle my hair and kiss my mom, putting his arms around her holding her tight. Sometimes it made me uncomfortable how long they would stay in their embrace, it was like my mother just couldn’t allow herself to let him go. This routine took place every time he would leave, but each time he would return my mom would also come back from the doldrums she was in when he was gone. My mother was always concerned when he left on his work trips, even though she tried her best to conceal it from me; but it came out in other ways, as she would get moody and tended to get angry at the most minor infraction. Thankfully that would only last a day or two before things would return to normal. We had received a call from Dad late the night before where he said “It looks as though I am going to be able to get away and be home for Christmas, but more than likely I won’t arrive until late in the day on the 24th so go ahead and decorate the Christmas tree without me” The news of my father returning home lit up my mother’s eyes, instantly brightening her somber mood. It was good to see her smile a real smile and not the fake one she would wear just for me. Continue reading

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Jay Leno… A Fond Farewell!

tonight-show-jay-lenoLast night Jay Leno took his final bows on the stage of The Tonight Show. Jay altered his typical monologue to be more geared towards a look back and jokes about his 22 year tenure as host of the late night talk show. His final guest was his first guest, Mr Billy Crystal. Billy gave a touching tribute, albeit it in typical Billy Crystal style. He recounted some of Jay prior current news monologue jokes like,

“When it was announced recently that America’s No. 1 terrorist had been captured, who told us it was Justin Bieber? You did.”

“When Hurricane Katrina hit, who told us they should change the name of the Gulf of Mexico to the Persian Gulf so Bush would send troops faster? You did.”

“Let me get this – you’re moving to 9 o’clock?” which got Jay giggling! Continue reading

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The Not So Super, Superbowl.

Superbowl 2014Whether you had a stake in the game or not I’m sure a great deal of you were glued to the big ol telly yesterday to cheer on your team of the moment! So? What did you think? I was attending a friends Superbowl party even though football is not on my top ten list of things to watch. Don’t get me wrong, I like the game itself, but I’m just not a fan of sports on TV. Plus I think that their salaries are so damn exorbitant that I find it hard to justify giving them my time when there are people starving on the streets of the United States of America! But I digress! Before my wife and I went to the party we talked about who we should be cheering for? So we took a few things into consideration when making our choice. We chose the Seahawks to back on this particular day. The reasons were: 1) My wife is a Badger Alum like Russell Wilson and thought he was truly a nice guy. 2) The Seahawks were the obvious underdogs going into this, so that is always a reason (in our books) to be another mark for them. 3) I am originally from the Fraser Valley in British Columbia Canada and had grown up with the Seahawks essentially in my back yard. So it was unanimously decided that the Seahawks were our guys!!! GO HAWKS!!! Oh wait sorry, still in cheer mode! Continue reading

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The World Loses Another Great Actor!

Philip Seymour Hoffman 4 “The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.” PSH

Phillip Seymour Hoffman was 46 years old when he took his final bow and passed from this great curtain of life to the next. He was found dead in his West Village, Manhattan apartment this morning. There are not a great deal of details released as of yet, but police are investigating. There are speculations of a possible drug overdose, but that has yet to be determined. Unfortunately the overdose tag is the usual suspect, whenever we hear of a celebrity passing on. Continue reading

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