Forever Neo

Kev B&W w Apoc 1

Welcome to my music page. I use the pseudonym of Forever Neo for much of my online existence. I have had this moniker for several years now, long before the Matrix made the name Neo famous. I have set up for myself a little recording studio in a spare bedroom in my home that pulls double duty as my office and inner sanctum of peace and tranquility. Okay, so it’s a place to get away and formulate my thought, whether that be music, writing, homework, paying bills etc etc! I’m sure you get my point. 🙂

I don’t really proclaim to be a musician per say, I just plunk away on my guitars and fiddle around on the keyboard here and there. Sometimes I come up with enough tones and rhythms that resemble some sort of song or tune and just go with it. I have gathered up some cool recording gear and some even cooler musical instruments over the last few years to keep myself busy for quite some time.

Kev B&W w StellaI have an eclectic taste in music. I love, LOVE hard driving, ear splitting rock and consider myself a card carrying metalhead! But I also enjoy almost every type of musical genre out there. The way I view “good” music is it has to have a melody of some kind that touches me. Sometimes an in your face metal guitar screaming at the top of its proverbial lungs or a soft slow swing will touch me in some way and make that connection. But it all comes down to a melody. If  that component doesn’t exist it won’t make it’s way inside you. simple as that.

Click FOREVER NEO to visit my Soundclick page to browse my music


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